Sexual Assault Criminal Defense



What is the Sexual Assault Criminal Defense (S.A.C.D.) Program?

Initially developed for nurses and EMT staff, the S.A.C.D program is a free 6-month self-defense course focused on preventing sexual assault. The program is designed to help students be more confident both mentally and phyically in their everyday lives.


I was initially motivated by an incredible person that I have known my entire life. While I was a content immature teen playing sports and doing what boys do, my friend entered the dating scene and met the man of her dreams. Enthralled by his charisma, as was I, it was no surprise that she accepted his marriage proposal. Little did she realize that her dream-man was to become her worst nightmare. She fell victim to his sexual advances, and when she refused to give in to him before marriage, he attacked her and assaulted her. It was not an act of love – it was rape.

As a majority of victims do, she held it in and did not report it. Although the relationship ended, her nightmare continued. Simple things often triggered her to relive the event, such as movie scenes depicting violence against women, or sexual comments made by friends. The deep visceral pain from one night some 15 years earlier was still present long after she married. It resurfaced without warning and manifested as self-harm. It was a pivotal moment where she managed to get the help that she needed to live on and lead a productive life filled with love.

Early in my career as a paramedic, I treated my first of many sexual assault victims (14-years old). I recall running into her years later at a local nightclub. Enjoying ourselves with our friends, we made eye contact. Recognizing each other but unsure how or where we met, we sparked up a conversation that raised the question. Exhausting possibilities, my career came up, and no sooner did the word paramedic leave my lips that she bolted to the bathroom in tears. I realized that I was an anchor to the pain of my patients’ experience as much as she was for my prejudice.

Recently, (2020), my friend’s sister, Kimberly Black, fell victim to a vicious attack. Missing and left for dead for over 24 hours, it was nothing short of a miracle that she was found alive. The incident occurred down the road from the station that I had worked in for so many years. It suddenly dawned on me that she could have been my patient (a paramedic’s worst nightmare is to pick up someone they know). That night I dreamt that I had reopened a class helping women to prevent a sexual assault that I had discontinued years earlier due to a lack of interest. I have taken it as a sign. I followed Kim’s incredible recovery and posted the video of these two survivors thanking all those that reached out to help.

Sexual assault has far-reaching consequences that not only devastate the victim but also impact family and friends as well.

According to Statistics Canada 2019, 76% of bisexual women and 61% of women 15-24 years of age are most likely to fall victim to sexual assault. (

Come join the movement! Meet survivors and hear their incredible stories. Learn the signs of danger and the techniques that could potentially save your life. STOP believing that it will not happen to YOU!

S.A.C.D. Schedule:

Mondays: 7-8:30 pm

 S.A.C.D. Survival skillsets:

Included but not limited to:

  • Physical and Psychological tactics pertaining to defensive and predatory behaviours.
  • Topography and Meteorology – using the elements for escape (earth, water, fire, wind, emptiness)
  • Proprioception – learning to unlearn so muscle memory dominates thought.
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Stealth
  • Confidence
  • Weaponry – what it is, analysis of, and ways of utilization.
  • Pharmacology – pertaining to date rape.
  • Security – inside, outside, and travel.

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