Sexual Assault Prevention Program



What is the Sexual Assault Prevention Program (S.A.P.P.)?

Initially developed for nurses and EMT staff, the S.A.P.P program is a free 6-month self-defense course focused on preventing sexual assault. The program is designed to help students be more confident both mentally and physically in their everyday lives.


I was initially motivated by an incredible person that fell victim to the predatory grooming behaviours of a rapist. Since that time, I have conducted countless lectures and workshops on child street-proofing and rape protection.

As a paramedic, I attended numerous sexual assaults but it was not until recently (2020) after my friend’s sister, Kimberly Black, fell victim to a vicious attack, that I decided to start this FREE program. Missing and left for dead for over 24 hours, it was nothing short of a miracle that she was found alive. I followed Kim’s incredible recovery and posted this video of these two survivors.

Sexual assault has far-reaching consequences that not only devastate the victim but also impact family and friends as well.

According to Statistics Canada 2019, 76% of bisexual women and 61% of women 15-24 years of age are most likely to fall victim to sexual assault. (

Come join the movement! Meet survivors and hear their incredible stories. Learn the signs of danger and the techniques that could potentially save your life. 

S.A.P.P. Schedule:

Thursdays: 6-7:30 pm

 S.A.P.P. Survival skillsets:

Included but not limited to:

  • Physical and Psychological tactics pertaining to defensive and predatory behaviours.
  • Topography and Meteorology – using mental and physical elements for escape (earth, water, fire, wind)
  • Proprioception – learning to unlearn so muscle memory dominates thought.
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Stealth
  • Confidence
  • Weaponry – what it is, and how to use it.
  • Pharmacology – pertaining to date rape drugs.
  • Security – inside, outside, and travel.

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